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There are 12 Story Portals;
a StoryGame for each month of the year.

The 12 Story Portals include:

January is The Time Travel Tower
Story genre: Science Fiction, Game play: Goal Setting
February is Care of Creatures
Story genre: Animal Stories, Game play: Kindness
March is The Wizard Academy
Story genre: Fantasy, Game play:  Communication
April is The Mystery Museum 
Story genre: Mystery, Game play: Mindfulness
May is Storyteller Theater 
Story: Fairy Tale, Game play: Happiness/Postive Psychology
June is Modern Faery
Story: Fiction, Game play: Relationships
July is Superhero Bootcamp
Story: Graphic Novel, Game play: Fitness
August is Campfire Forest
Story: Action Adventure, Game play: Play and Recreation
September is Mythic Muse Marketplace
Story: Myth/ Game: DIY
October is Monsters Ball
Story:Thriller/Game play: Problem Solving
November is Treasure Bazaar
Story: Historical Fiction/ Game play: Game: Gratitude
December is Gnome for the Holiday
Story: Folktales/ Game play: Home making