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We believe that the stories we tell shape our lives
The stories we tell together as a community shape our world

We are an online and community based storytelling game
to help kids and families:

Tell a better story
To create a better life
To create a better world.


Our Story:

Our project began in 2012 as a middle reader book club requested by kids
that wanted books for ‘real wizards.’  Our fantasy genre story game
The Wizard Academy grew into a year long calendar of
monthly reading and writing games based in the bookstores, libraries, schools and
businesses of Ashland, Oregon.  Players are guided through the story genres of
Science Fiction,  Mystery, Fantasy, Fairy Tales and more with our story writing
game board and video prompts to read and write a story in 30 days.

Each of our games melds a story genre with a life skill: science fiction with
goal setting, mystery with mindfulness, fairy tale with positive psychology,
action adventure with physical fitness, etc. Our community treasure hunts are
organized around businesses and schools to encourage local community to
support reading, writing and social change that is initiated through our children.

Monthly storygames begin and end with community parties.
We have hosted weekly club meetings and monthly First Friday parties to
introduce our reading and writing themes since the
bookclub’s inception. Monthly curated book lists round off our offerings.

We currently are testing our project in Ashland, Oregon and then will
collaborate with other communities to create Secret Book Clubs in
bookstores and libraries throughout the Oregon and beyond.

Join us! Your support, as a player or partner would help us expand our games
and work with local software developers, artists and craftspeople
to bring our storytelling platform to the world.